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As institutional investors allocate an increasing amount of capital to alternative investments for low-correlation and diversification, they struggle to find true alternative ESG strategies. Instead, they find a lack of performance and transparency from conventional strategies that have been labeled "ESG" for marketing purposes.


Responsible Capital Management offers institutional investors authentic ESG strategies that feature deep ESG integration, and performance that is attractive on both an absolute and relative basis. We are able to tailor the guidelines of our strategies to incorporate client-specific ESG-related interests, and we constantly strive to stay on the leading edge of developments within the realm of ESG investing in order to deliver a timeless solution.

ESG Solutions

Responsible Capital Management was conceived with the mission of providing institutional investors with performance-oriented alternative ESG strategies. Our professionals carry the industry's most highly-recognized credentials, and our individual backgrounds collectively make our team uniquely qualified to accomplish that objective.
We take pride in our ability to develop strategies that deliver attractive performance while operating under strict policy guidelines. Our investment process leverages in-house macro expertise to deploy capital to the strongest opportunities, while our holistic risk-management approach inspires confidence in our capacity to deliver absolute returns.
Responsible Capital Management's client-centric culture is built on the principle of always placing the investors' interests above all else, and we firmly believe that lasting relationships are achieved through transparency and frequent communication.

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